How You Can Help A Charity That Feeds People In Need

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9 million children in America (34 million Americans total) experience food insecurity, meaning that they don't have access to healthy, affordable food every day. Food insecurity occurs when households don't make enough food to buy food or when grocery stores in a particular area are insufficient. The government offers food stamps to certain families, but it doesn't cover everybody. Outside of the United States, hunger can be even more of a problem in certain countries. 

To help heed the hungry people in America and abroad, charities provide them with food. Of course, these charities depend on the generosity of others. Learn more about how you can contribute to a charity that feeds people in need. 

Donate Money or Food 

Look through your cabinets for healthy dry food items that you don't necessarily want. Research locations in your area where you can drop off the food for others. If you tend to eat all of the food that you have in your home, you can simply give your favorite charities money.

Consider donating to an organization for a local solution. Monetary contributions go toward programs that directly feed American households, so you know you can trust your donation will go somewhere worthwhile.


Money and food are essential to charities that feed people in need, but they also need staff to help organize and distribute said donations. Consider donating one of the most valuable things you can — your time. 

Volunteers typically help organize food donations and check the food to ensure it's suitable for the recipients. Other volunteers can help with events where locals can come to receive food donations.

Spread Awareness

One person can only do so much. Organizations need to recruit others to become part of the cause to see the best results. However, many citizens don't even know about the local charities and events, so you can help spread awareness. 

To spread awareness, you can post on social media and distribute flyers, among other options.

Set Up a Fundraiser 

If you feel a calling toward charity, you can organize a fundraiser yourself. You will need to find a venue, invite people, and shmooze for donations. While a grueling task, it can be worthwhile. Start with small events of friends, family, and work colleagues, and continue to grow a name for yourself in the charity world to watch your contributions grow. 

Everyone deserves a healthy three meals a day. However, not everyone gets that. Do your part to help. 

For more info, contact a local charity that feeds people in need